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This is the material I have used, or am currently using, in research for this site :
Abel Janszoon Tasman & the discovery of New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington
An unsettled History Alan Ward
French explorers in the Pacific John Dunmore
Kinds of Peace Keith Sinclair
Making Peoples James Belich
Māori art and culture Bateman
Māori myths and tribal legends Antony Lepers
Taonga Māori The National Museum of New Zealand
Te Kingitanga From the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography
Te Rauparaha, a new perspective Patricia Burns
Te Rauparaha, an old New Zealander T. L. Buick
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The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Volume One Auckland University Press
The Exploration of the Pacific J. C. Beaglehole
The Long Dispute Harry C. Evison
The New Zealand Historical Atlas David Bateman
The New Zealand Official Yearbook (Statistics of New Zealand)
The Reed Dictionary of Māori Place Names Reed Books
The Story of a Treaty Claudia Orange
To face the daring Māoris Michael Barthorp
Two Worlds Anne Salmond
Books in french  
Dumont d'Urville Amiral Jacques Guillon
Dictionnaire Néo-Zélandais-Français Ewen Jones / Myreille Pawliez
La France en Nouvelle-Zélande 1840 - 1846 Muriel Proust de la Gironière
Le colloque d'Akaroa (article by Peter Tremewan The Heritage Press
Marins français à la découverte du monde Etienne Taillemite
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 Please be aware that this website is a personal homepage. It would therefore be wise to cross check information which I have presented here. A list of many official New Zealand history sites may be found within my Links section.